Dolcetto d’Alba

A pleasantly dry wine, in contrast to the name given to it over the centuries, which in Italian implies sweetness. It is dry, almondy, full-bodied on the palate. The colour is ruby ​​red with hues tending to purple, the scent is characteristic, winey with notes of red fruits and flowers.  A wine for the whole […]

Nebbiolo d’Alba

Nebbiolo is so named because of the late harvest of the grapes when the hills are often enveloped by “le prime nebbie autunnali”- the first autumn mists. Ruby red with orange highlights, dry and structured on the palate with a full, rich, penetrating aroma. The abundant tannins enrich the body and accompany the wine as […]


Barolo is the noblest and best-known Piedmont red wine, with aristocratic origins. Its colour is garnet red with orange highlights. It has a complex, persistent, intense aroma with fruity and floral notes of dried rose and vanilla. Its character is powerful, balanced, and elegant.  It is a wine of great personality that goes well with […]

Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato “Fiurin”

This vine is typical of Monferrato: the grapes can be produced only in a small area made up of seven municipalities, including ours. Ruby red in colour, not too dark, it has an intense and unusual aroma with floral and spicy notes sometimes combined with hints of wild berries. Dry, harmonious, and pleasantly soft on […]

Freisa d’Asti

This typical Piedmont wine has a ruby ​​red colour tending to garnet with aging. The delicate aroma of rose and raspberry prevails on the nose and the taste is dry, with pleasant tannin developed and harmonized by aging in concrete or oak barrels.  It pairs well with cold cuts and soft cheeses, but it can […]

Grignolino D’Asti “Brunot”

A dry wine with a cheerful and lively character, produced from grapes of the vine of the same name. The cheerful character is also reflected in its bright pale red colour and in its perfume with a delicate bouquet with notes of wild berries, intensely floral, with a soft bitter finish.  It is a wine […]

Barbera d’Asti Superiore “Piasì”

Created from selected Barbera d’Asti grapes, harvested when fully ripe and vinified as a single varietal using the traditional system; aging in oak barrels refines its ample and delicate aroma and enhances its warm, vigorous flavour, harmonious with appropriate tannins. Long aging, rigorous grape selection and the great vintage mean that this wine can boast […]

Barbera d’Asti Superiore “BriccoMeli”

From established sun facing hillside vineyards, the best grapes are selected and vinified respecting ancient country traditions. This wine, which matures in concrete tanks for at least a year followed by aging in oak barrels, is bottled for the most demanding connoisseurs. Ideal with roast meats, game, and aged cheeses.

Barbera d’Asti

This dry red is one of the most classic and well-known wines of Piedmont. It is created from grapes of the vine of the same name; during the harvest period these are among the last to be gathered. It matures in concrete tanks and is sometimes aged in oak barrels. It has a soft bouquet […]

Barbera del Monferrato

This wine, thanks to a natural second fermentation, presents an appealing vivacious tone much appreciated by the most illustrious connoisseurs. The flavour is pleasantly dry, fresh, and lively, the colour intense ruby red and the aroma decidedly winey.  It is an excellent wine to accompany the whole meal.