Dolcetto d’Alba

A pleasantly dry wine, in contrast to the name given to it over the centuries, which in Italian implies sweetness. It is dry, almondy, full-bodied on the palate. The colour is ruby ​​red with hues tending to purple, the scent is characteristic, winey with notes of red fruits and flowers.  A wine for the whole […]

Nebbiolo d’Alba

Nebbiolo is so named because of the late harvest of the grapes when the hills are often enveloped by “le prime nebbie autunnali”- the first autumn mists. Ruby red with orange highlights, dry and structured on the palate with a full, rich, penetrating aroma. The abundant tannins enrich the body and accompany the wine as […]


Barolo is the noblest and best-known Piedmont red wine, with aristocratic origins. Its colour is garnet red with orange highlights. It has a complex, persistent, intense aroma with fruity and floral notes of dried rose and vanilla. Its character is powerful, balanced, and elegant.  It is a wine of great personality that goes well with […]